Why I don’t believe in gay marriage.


I’m male, I’m straight and I need to get this off my chest. There has been a lot of media coverage over the legalisation/delegalisation/decriminalisation/illegality etc of gay marriage all over the world for quite some time now. People are passionate about their views on the subject and there has been a fair amount of hate spewed forth from both camps. So I thought I’d put in my two cents worth as a blogger that no one really reads.

I don’t believe in gay marriage. At all.

Before you light your pitchforks and sharpen those torches, hear me out on this.

I don’t believe in gay marriage any more than I believe in inter-racial marriage any more than I believe in straight marriage any more than I believe in a mixed faith marriage.
When two people find each other in this cesspool of a world, why do we need to give it a label and structure laws around it so that only some of them are able to live as the rest of us do? Why is it necessary for us to condemn or judge one person’s love for another human being as less than ours? Are we so closed minded that we cannot celebrate in their love?
I grew up in a country where, for a very dark period, people were beaten, tortured and even killed for even thinking about a relationship with someone of a different race – a situation abhorrent to most of us now. But there are so many similarities. (Recognise any of this Mr Putin?)

And I’d also like to call bullshit on the “But gay marriage is unnatural!!!” brigade. 50 or so years ago, being left handed was considered unhealthy and unnatural and people looked to ‘cure’ it, most times with disastrous results. Must I then change the way my son’s brain is wired because he chose to be left handed?
Wait, he didn’t choose to be a lefty?
He was born that way?

Let’s also remember that gay couples don’t usually have unplanned or unwanted children. When they do become parents, it’s out of a genuine desire and love to raise and nurture another human being – a human being that all too often is not wanted by its own blood family.
I’m incredibly fortunate to know a woman who looks after and loves her stepson without even blinking an eye. The love that she shows this kid (who happens to have some severe medical conditions) is above question or reproach. She is a true hero in my book, not for her sacrifices (which are commendable) but rather for her love she chooses to share with this young kid. Her wife’s kid. A kid who she would lay down her life for, protects more ferociously than a mama lioness and will literally move to the ends of the earth to better his life.

So, in conclusion…

I’m male
I’m straight
And I don’t believe in gay marriage.

(inspired by an amazing person I’m privileged to call my friend)